Learn 2 Groom YOUR Dog


 ​Seattle areas North to Bellingham areas 

Washington State 

Lets get started taking care of your dog!  All dogs need some amount of care, short fur to long and flowing hair. It just depends on what you want to do and how often you do it. Wash and wear dogs need an occasional bath,  ears checked and cleaned, nails clipped and that's about it.   Other breeds with more hair need more care, de-shedding, undercoat brushed out, or full on body sculpting and pattern styling. Your breed will determine what you need to do. Proper equipment and knowing how to use it is a must. Let me show you the tips and tricks that groomers use.

Jennifer Van De Grift -Richlin, Mount Vernon, WA

"Pam is an awesome instructor. She takes the time to make sure I do it right without making me feel overwhelmed. She had great visuals so I could get over my fear of cutting nails. She offered alternatives to make me feel more comfortable while grooming my Havanese in full coat. She made sure I understood products that work for so much coat and how to bathe and dry their coats. I almost feel like a pro when I look at my babies all done!"

Service Prices

All dogs for class must be clean and free of matted coat or additional fee will apply.

Wash and Ware package

$ 175

Single coated breeds, no undercoat

Best Package Offer

2 hour session (1 dog)


nail cutter, nubbie brush

Dogs must be freshly bathed and dry


De-shedding  Package

$ 275

Double coated breeds

2 to 3 hour session (1 dog)


nail cutter, slicker brush, comb,

undercoat rake

Equipment @ additional cost

deshedding blade, furminator, 

 product,  etc.


Clip/Styling  Package

$ 375

Clipped Breeds

3 to 4 hour session (1 dog)


nail cutter, slicker brush, comb,

 ball-tip curved shears

 Equipment required @ additional cost 

 clippers with blade for style of dog,

shears, hair dryer, product, etc. 

 Equipment previously purchased by owner must meet approval


PayPal, cash, check payments accepted, contact us to learn more!

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